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Mr. Fox's Fun – Part Two



Still sleeping, I see. I can only imagine conscious Henry would have very strong words for unconscious Henry. No doubt you would admonish yourself for your indolence, spend some time praising the importance of self-improvement, and finish up neatly with strongly-worded encouragements that feel somehow threatening.


Perhaps I joke too much at your expense while you are unable to defend yourself, but I feel must press this advantage while I have it. Yet let us put aside our jokes, or rather I will put aside my jokes, and focus on the business of magic. 


The business is unhappy. I learned something most interesting today, my friend, and will learn more by this evening. I do not believe I will enjoy it. 


Reynard told me to “take a walk” and today I did, seeking out the borders of Baden with a little map in hand, a pencil, and a half-dreamt up plan of luring the Revenant out there so we could deal with that spirit once and for all. 


Early in the morning, I began to walk away from the town, discretely trying to summon my light now and again. I was a good three miles away from the town’s edge before I could call it forth.


From there, I turned off the path and began tracing out the rough borders of Reynard’s realm. Unfortunately, it was not a perfect circle and jutted in and out, making for quite a laborious and tedious task. Also, I fear I may have looked mad to anyone who saw me. 





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