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Good Morning

Let me begin our tête-à-tête with an introduction: my name is Evelyn Marten, and I wish to share a story my grandfather told me when I was little. This tale involves monsters, heroes, and magic, but I assure you there’s not a knight or princess to be found anywhere within these pages.  


No, for this is the story of modern men, a tale of Mr. Bridgeman, his strange light, and how he and my grandfather stood as a bulwark against spirits and sorcery.


My grandfather swore to me it was all true. Being an impressionable girl at the time of his letters, I believed his purported history wholeheartedly. Now, after many years of education and exposure to the mundane realities of our world, I still believe it wholeheartedly.


Years after the telling, I’ve decided to compile the story. I’ve sorted through decades of journals, letters, and curious documents my grandfather collected and have pieced them together in a way I feel is most dramatic and engaging. 


Of course, I shall be keeping certain secrets. I am, after all, the hand behind the spotlight, and I will shine it as I see fit, revealing certain players while letting the others plot in the shadows.



Your considerate editor,



Evelyn Marten

August 5th, 1927

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