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The Grand Tour

~ Chapter 13: An Ending ~

The Grand Tour comes to Padua. 


William and Henry walk its streets to an end of this story.

The Grand Tour

~ Chapter 12: The Prophecy ~

Here are the words of Pietro d’Abano, the Man of Knowledge.


Padua brought him no peace, its university did not sate his hunger.


Not even Death can bring him peace.

The Grand Tour

~ Chapter 11: The Valley of Ash ~

Henry is lost in the Ash. It bites at his flesh and erodes his mind. He must escape.


In the Valley, a wolf hunts men with savagery and deceit. 


How will Henry escape that eternal prison? What will he find if he does?

The Grand Tour

~ Chapter 10: Fairy Stories ~

William and Henry find the lost village, but who is it that leads them there? Why do the people of the village act so strange?


And when did the travelers acquire such a taste for hay?


The fairy-stories are real in Binn Valley, both in their delights and in their terrors.

The Grand Tour

~ Chapter 9: The Bann-Forest ~

William and Henry have not slept, but they march on through the forest. They are weary and they are watched.


The Thall-Herren wait.


They do not tire, they do not sleep, but they hunger. So too does the creature that hunts the Thall-Herren. 

The Grand Tour

~ Chapter 8: The Thall-Herren ~

Reeling from their fight with the Revenant, William and Henry move close to Padua and Pietro d’Abano.


Yet the Alps call with a story of a missing village.


The pair cannot abandon those in need and search for this lost valley, this bastion born of Pietro’s plots.

The Grand Tour

~ Chapter 7: Mr. Fox's Fun ~

Baden-Baden was built for mortals, but Reynard the Fox has invited spirits to play.  


Now William must navigate refined sensibilities and dangerous powers as he searches for a way to stop the Revenant.


So pull up a chair with Mr. Fox and see how our hero performs.

The Grand Tour

~ Chapter 6: R.F. ~

Baden-Baden: the baths, the song, the grand casino! Our heroes search still, but what is life without a little distraction?


So let the dancers sway, the cards play, and the music swell – if only for a moment.


But where is the mysterious R.F.? And where does the Revenant hide among the smiling crowd?

The Grand Tour

~ Chapter 5: The Pattern of Prague ~

The Revenant has fled to the city of Prague, leaving William and Henry at a loss. 


For Prague is foreign in tongue, culture, and – as a traveling Scotsman points out – in patterns.

The Grand Tour

~ Chapter 4: A Glance Back ~

While the Rhine pours down, let us take a brief glance back at the story of William.


Then we will see what Hans saw, Helene heard, Helmer hit, and Hobbard did.

The Grand Tour

~ Chapter 3: The Palace Beneath the Rhine ~

Henry wanders the countryside, the truth of magic gripping his soul. William waits in Stavelot.


When the two men meet again, what will happen? 


And who is the woman in the river, calling out for help?

The Grand Tour

~ Chapter 2: Dreams, Tea, and Terror ~

Henry and William arrive in Ostend, the former shouting with joy and the latter nearly fainting with fright.


What has unnerved William? What is troubling his mind? Why does a madman plead with him on a train, screaming of something stolen by a White Monk?

The Grand Tour

~ Chapter 1: Itineraries and Exiles ~

Plans and schedules, luggage and papers – all are ready for Henry Marten’s journey across the Continent.


That is until his father replaces Henry’s trusted traveling companion with a complete stranger – William Bridgeman.


Who is this man, and why does the Marten name fill him with rage?

The Man in the Blue Cravat

~ Murder, Mystery, Magic ~

The widow was found in her room, dead and decayed, her hand reaching towards a cabinet full of strange talismans. Yet only three days prior, she had been seen alive and well.

Detective Pinnock hunts the suspected killer, a young man in a blue cravat. What he discovers is worse than murder.

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