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Dreams, Tea, and Terror – Part Two

Evening saw us into Brussels and our hotel, and morning witnessed us rushing away for a tour of the city, or rather two sites within the city: Parliament and the Université Libre de Bruxelles. 


You see, I had chosen to visit Brussels not for its architecture or art, but for the simple fact that it was the capital of a country that had not existed but a few decades ago. Belgium was the child of revolt, yet unlike the other sickly children of rebellion, it was stable, steady, and calmly prosperous. This made it most deserving of study.


The prospect of such examination left me delighted as we toured the grand halls of both governance and education, and William tried to share in my enthusiasm. He enjoyed the tours and meeting with professors and politicians, and was attentive through a long day of lectures and debates. 


When I told him my plan was to spend the next two weeks at these institutions exclusively, he did turn somewhat pale. To his credit, William managed to endure four days of what must have been a tragically dull experience. The first day, he successfully maintained a look of interest. The second day, he kept himself from appearing wholly bored. The third day, he managed to not yawn. The fourth day, from yawning too loudly.


Politics plainly held no place in William’s heart, and it would’ve been cruel to force him to further share in my interests. Also, the way he kept dozing off in the middle of debates was becoming very irritating. For both our sakes, I released him from his obligation to stay with me. He in turn promised to spend his time in edifying pursuits by visiting museums, galleries, cathedrals, and the like. 







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