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Dreams, Tea, and Terror – Part One

Some Little Notes

- The First Collection, from Five Months Before the Tour - 


August the 5th, 1927

Good Morning, 


I am Evelyn Marten, the compiler of these letters and documents, and I hope you will pardon a slight interruption – though I suppose you really don’t have much of a choice in that matter.


As much as I enjoy Grandfather’s tale, he quite naturally began it with himself. What I’ve discovered, however, as I’ve hunted through decades of journals, letters, and documents, suffering innumerable paper cuts for your sake, is that the story doesn’t begin with him, or even William for that matter.


Rather, it all starts with the Will of Mrs. Theodosia Bridgeman, an eccentric and unusually wealthy woman. The Will was read five months before Grandfather’s tour and, based on the size of that titanic document, is likely still being read to this very day. 


Among the many caveats, clauses, sub-clauses, and notations that detailed who should get which set of teacups, and when they should be used by said recipients, one allowance stood out: 


To Christ Church College of Oxford University, I leave the sum of ten thousand pounds to be used as the Chapter of that prestigious institution sees fit. 




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